Calling all Co-Conspirators

Please read “AAPI Better” if you’re missing the Tim / Tom reference.
  1. Megan read what I wrote. Lots of people were either too busy to read it, or too scared to write me about their accidental or purposeful complicity in being bystanders. I only conclude this based on the response rate to my email.
  2. Megan bravely texted me and asked a question she didn’t know, afraid to offend me but realizing we have more at stake than offending a friend.
  3. She wrote about her own personal experience as a White woman who has three best friends who are Asian.
  4. She shared this with her platform. Her whole gosh dang platform. Megan must know 2/3 of all the Moms in Portland. She bravely proclaimed she had put very little thought to racism (it is wrong) and more importantly anti-racism (what is this? what does it look like? how can I and my 3 children be more anti-racist?).
  5. She committed to doing better.
  6. And then she shared my words.
  7. When I put up my fundraiser, Megan donated the most amount of money. By the way, of my 519 IG followers (where I initially shared the fundraiser), exactly 31 people donated some amount of money. That means approximately 6% of “my followers” cared enough about anti-racism to take a stand with me. Oof. I hate to go tin-cupping here, but I’ll do it if I have to. Because this is important to me.



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Angie Lee

Angie Lee

Lover of life (and living it), full of wonder, amusement and curiosity, fun and functional