Get Yo’self a Bobaface!

Angie Lee
4 min readMar 26, 2022


Do you have $1000 to spare? Do you have a long-ish distribution timeline (i.e. 10+ years)?

This is how you should invest your $1000 today. Put it into BOBAFACE.

What is Bobaface? It’s the Sanrioland of web3.

Not familiar with Sanrioland? Nor web3?

Sanrioland is like Disneyland. Sanrio is the company that created the world renown Hello Kitty. Sanrioland, in Japan, welcomes 1.5M visitors annually. It’s an experience. Haven’t been; dying to go.

And web3? Don’t worry, I was also living under a rock until too recently. Here’s a good primer from the New York Times.

So what the heck is BOBAFACE? It’s a genre-bending concept that defies definition. It’s a cryptogame wherein players can earn rewards (digital tokens) to be cashed in for REAL LIFE boba (aka bubble tea). If you’re skeptical about Bubble Tea, consider that Starbucks has started their foray into Boba. Remember when Starbucks made tea cool for the Western consumer? BOBAFACE has an NFT component, as well. I’m the very, very ecstatic and proud owner of my first NFT — a bobaface!

This is my FIRST NFT. Isn’t she cute?! Picked this for the three white lilies on top — me and my two daughters. The friendly, ferocious tiger is my hubby. And the Tiger also represents 2022, the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. Boba are for prosperity!

@PeterChung is the Founder of Bobaface. Peter and his motley crew of computer scientists, graphic designers, boba enthusiasts have created the most addictive, world-changing web3-enabled game of the future, for today.

Get invited to play the game in beta form. Get invited to be an Investor in this early-stage company. The pitch deck, which Peter authorized me to share, is below.

If you’re curious about Peter, this is how we met. He and I have exchanged notes periodically over the last two weeks. Every time I ping him on Linkedin, I get a response immediately. He’s 800% devoted to building this game, this virtual world, which will be parlayed into a REAL LIFE experience (a la Sanrioland). The only person who sleeps less than I do, is Peter. This guy hustles. I love hustlers! (Go to sleep, Peter!!!) If you want to know how crypto gaming, digital tokens and NFTs deliver a real-life experience a la Sanrioland, hear it from Peter himself! Also hear the remarkable story of how he found Product-Market fit. He’s a genius. And it’s contrarian!

I’m personally inviting you to learn more from @PeterChung himself. Please DM me with your email today and I’ll start a Doodle poll to identify the best time for Peter and for you all to meet him, learn from him, hear him, and be blown away by his idea. This opportunity won’t last long! We’ll set up a time for early next week as he’s looking to close this round of funding before 3/30.

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